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Top 7 Of The Most Powerful Bites In animal Kingdom

For those of you out there who don’t know, the bite of an animal is measured in PSI (pounds per square inch), which is the force that their jaw closes down when biting. With that said, Let’s Check out the top 7 of the Most Powerful Bites In Animal Kingdom.


7. Grizzly Bear, PSI: 1250

The grizzly bear is a huge animal with vicious strength. They are omnivorous (I.e they feed on both plants & animals) and have very strong teeth for tearing the flesh of their prey.

6. Bull Shark, PSI: 1250

Bull Sharks are stocky shape, broad, flat snout, and aggressive, and unpredictable in nature. They have the strongest bite among fish; they also possess extremely sharp teeth.

5. Silverback Gorilla, PSI: 1300

The teeth of a typical Silverback gorillas (male) are white and big but not very sharp; since they are herbivores animals, their teeth are mainly used for snapping and grinding twigs and barks and also for defending themselves against external threats.

4. Hippopotamus, PSI: 1821

Also known as river horse, these huge animals have extremely powerful jaw muscles. Although they only feed on leaves, grass etc, they have the most powerful bite among all mammals.

3. American Alligator, PSI: 2125

The american gator is also one of the most vicious and deadly predators in the world with the third most powerful bite. They have sharp teeth and also very powerful muscles that allow them to grab and hold their prey.

2. Nile Crocodile, PSI: 5000

Known as one of the most vicious man-eaters in all Africa. Just like the american gator they also have sharp teeth and a very powerful jaw that enables them to grab and hold on to a prey. This bad boys with the second most powerful bite in animal kingdom are responsible for several hundred attacks on humans every year in africa alone.

1. Saltwater Crocodile, PSI: 7700

Though in possession of smaller teeth and jaw muscles saltwater crocodile have the most powerful bite. What this bad boys lack in opening strength they more than made up for in snaping strength. They can easily snap a bone in two with little effort


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