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Top 7 Most Influential Countries in Africa 2018

In no particular order of appearance these are the Top 10 Most influential countries in Africa.

Top 7 Most Influential Countries in Africa

1. Nigeria

Despite the numerous national challenges Nigeria is currently facing, the country still remains Africa’s largest economy.

Nigeria is also dominant for being the largest African country in terms of national production and human resources – currently Nigeria is the most populous country on the African continent.

Also in terms of military intervention, Nigeria’s military has been acclaimed for its past efforts in restoring peace to some disorderly African countries.

Significantly, it has been predicted that Nigeria’s standard of development will have a great impact on Africa’s global stance in the near future It is said that. If Nigeria can attain substantial future advancement, then Africa will increase in global impact. So one can say that Nigeria is the future of Africa.

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2. South Africa

Top 7 Most Influential Countries in Africa

Though Nigeria is regarded as Africa’s largest economy –at the expense of second-place South Africa and all other African countries –South Africa arguably claims a more influential status than Nigeria due to its significant relationships with global powers such as China and Russia.

South Africa also happens to be the only African country with membership in the duo of BRICS (an influential group that combines Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and the renowned G20.

South Africa also happens to be the second most prosperous country in Afica.

3. Ethiopia

Ethiopia is not only a giant East African country but also one of the most influential country in the whole of Africa.

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How did Ethiopia make this list you may ask. Well, Besides its historic significance, Ethiopia is regarded with great influence for being the only African country yet to experience any form of colonialism. For innumerable years, these two countries have maintained their sovereignty without any foreign interference.

This, together with some other factors, is a clear proof that Ethiopia is a dominant country as regards diplomacy, autonomy, politics, and history.

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4. Egypt

In Africa, Egypt is also among the most influential countries. However, in North Africa, Egypt is the most influential country and has remained so for an immense time and even looking at the future no north African country is capable of snatching the title from them.

Top 7 Most Influential Countries in Africa

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5. Kenya

Kenya is arguably Africa’s mainstay of human resource capital. Across the entire African continent, Kenya has the highest number of educated persons and besides this, the country is Africa’s most efficient centre for ICT Followed by Nigeria.

In recent times, Kenya bagged a prestigious vote where it is regarded as one of the most prosperous country in Africa.

6. Morocco

Besides being a giant North African nation, Morocco is considered one of the most influential countries in Africa.

Even though Currently Morocco and Algeria are at loggerheads – have been for the past 40 years – owing to their sovereignty dispute over Western Sahara. As far as commitment goes, Morocco has a commitment to security in it’s region – North Africa.

If the two North African giants were to recognize their mutual interests and reestablish ties, both country’s influence across Africa would also receive a boost.

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Top 7 Most Influential Countries in Africa

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7. Algeria

Alongside Egypt and several other sovereign territories, Algeria is one of the leading countries in North Africa –a region that houses African Arabs so it’s no surprise that the country made this list of most influential countries in Africa.

The country’s consistent support for the AU and its commitment to regional security – exemplified in its role in the Mali peace agreement and its hosting of the Libya talks – Shows that Algeria’s influence across Africa is undeniable

Even The United States and Europe have already recognized Algeria’s leadership and cooperation in anti-terror efforts in its neighborhood.

That’s all on Top 10 Most Influential Countries in Africa 2017.

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