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Top 5 Effects Of High Cost Of Marriage In Nigeria

In the days of our Nigerian parents and grand parents, getting married was simple, interesting, desiring and most importantly, it was inexpensive.

But now, getting married is different and in a bad way. mostly because of it is expensive nature.

Top 5 Effects Of High Cost Of Marriage In Nigeria

Here Are The Effects Of High Cost Of Marriage In Nigeria

1. High Rate of Pre-Marital Sex

These days rather than settle down with a woman, the average Nigerian men would prefer to sleep around. reason been that it is cheaper.

The rate of pre-marital sex wouldn’t be so high if every marriageable bachelor/spinster can easily get married. but no. that’s not what is obtainable in our society.

In our society, marriage is expensive and the costs are mostly taken care of by men, who has to pay bride price and then for the wedding (both traditional and white).

2. Late Marriage

Apart from those who are financial capable, but have no interest in marriage or haven’t met someone of their choice, majority of the youth who are of marriageable age have no means to get married.

3. Marrying The Wrong Person

Sometimes, most especially ladies end up marrying someone who can afford their marriage rites and not someone they really desire to be with.
That’s why some people are married to someone else while they love another person.

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4. Poverty

Some people’s dream, aspiration, career all come to an end immediately they’re married.

How can a young man keep working hard, saving his money only for him to spend all that in one day all in the name of marriage? The worst part, after everything, he’ll start all over again but this time, it’s going to get more difficult because more responsibilities have come in.

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5. Lots Of Unmarried Aged Women

High cost of marriage is also responsible for this…

When you attend marriage seminars you see a lot of ladies. Also some family main prayer point everyday is O God settle my daughter when they started ageing reaching 32 years and above without any proposal from anybody.

But the answer to why your daughter is 35 and still u
not married is not far fetched, it is because marriages are very expensive.

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