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Top 10 Poorest Countries In Africa 2018

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Top 10 Poorest Countries In Africa 2017

Top 10 Poorest Countries In Africa 2017Image source:

This is the ranking of the poorest countries in Africa, according to data gotten from the International Monetary Fund.

According to the list, Central African Republic is the poorest country in africa -if you recall correctlly, the country was also ranked the least happiest country in Africa by UN- they are followed closely by Democratic republic of Congo.

Top 10 Poorest Countries In Africa

RankCountryGDP per capital
10. Madagascar 1,504
9. Eritrea 1,321
8. Guinea 1,271
7. Mozambique 1,228
6 Malawi 1,139
5. Niger 1,113
4. Liberia 882
3. Burundi 818
2. DR Congo 784
1. Central African republic 656

The countries are ranked according to their gross domestic product (GDP) based on purchasing power parity (PPP) per capita.

The PPP takes into account the relative cost of living and the inflation rates of the countries to compare living standards among different nations.. it also takes into account the income levels in different countries.

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