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Top 10 Most Useless Passports In Africa, 2018

Africas most useless passports have been revealed in a new report by the Nomad Passport Index (NPI). And they are mostly in East, north and central Africa.

According to the Nomad Passport Index, Eritrea and Libya have the most useless passports in Africa.

The Nomad Passport Index offers citizens a more rounded insight into their nationality and therefore ability to move freely.

The index is designed to show the best citizenships in the world to hold on the basis of visa-free travel, international taxation, perception, dual citizenship, and personal freedom.

“Each country’s value in each category is given the indicated weighting to achieve a country’s total score using the formula below.

((Visa Free Travel x 0.5) + (Taxation x 0.2)+ (Perception x 0.1) + (Dual Citizenship x 0.1) + (Overall Freedom x 0.1))

After calculating a more rounded score for each country, Eritrea passports was ranked the most useless passport in Africa and the third most useless passport in the world, followed by Libya (second most useless in Africa, fifth in the world)..

Eritrea citizens can travel without a visa to only 37 countries.

Second on the list of most useless passport in Africa is Libya, their citizens can only travel to 36 countries without a visa.

The Giant of Africa Nigeria also made the list, the country’s passport was ranked the 12th most useless passport in Africa and the 25th most useless in the world

Holders of Nigeria’s passports can travel without a visa to 46 countries.

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Below Are The Top 10 Most Useless Passports In Africa, 2018.

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1. Eritrea

2. Libya

3. Somalia

4. Sudan

5. Ethiopia

6. South Sudan

7. Democratic Republic Of Congo

8. Republic Of Congo

9. Cameroon

10. Equatorial guinea

11. Algeria

12. Nigeria

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