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Top 10: Africa’s Best And Worst Nationalities in 2018

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Seychelles quality of nationality is the best in Africa, according to the latest Henley & Partners Kochenov Quality of Nationality Index (QNI), which launched in London on Friday (20th of April, 2018)

Africa's Best And Worst Nationalities in 2018

The QNI which claims to be the first index of its kind to objectively rank the quality of nationalities worldwide, explores both the internal factors (such as economic strength, human development, and peace and stability) and the external factors (including visa-free travel and the ability to settle and work abroad without cumbersome formalities) that make one nationality better than another in terms of a legal status through which to develop your talents and business.

Africa’s Best Nationalities, 2018

With a value of 45.0, Seychelles ranked higher than all other African countries. the country came first in Africa and 49th in the world.

Seychelles was closely followed by Mauritius (43.7), Mauritius was ranked second best nationality in Africa and 53rd in the world.

South Africa (32.8), Cape Verde (32.5) and Ghana (32.1) came 3rd, 4th and 5th respectively in Africa but 92nd, 93rd and 95th accordingly in the world.

Other countries that made up the Top 10 include;
Botswana (6th in Africa and 96th in the world)
The Gambia (7th in Africa and 103rd in the world)
Sierra Leone (8th in Africa 104th in the world)
Senegal (9th in Africa and 106th in the world) and Togo (10th in Africa and 108th in the world).

The countries above although ranked low in the
report, make up the best nationalities in Africa.

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Africa’s Worst Nationalities, 2018

Lesotho’s quality of nationality is the worst in Africa, they are closely followed by Malawi gabon Algeria and Tanzania.

The countries mentioned above make up the top 5 worst african Nationalities.

See table below for the full list.

Country Rank Score
Guinea-bissau 10 26.4
Morocco 9 26.1
Zambia 8 26.0
Niger 7 25.6
Swaziland 6 25.5
Tanzania 5 25.3
Algeria 4 25.2
Gabon 3 24.9
Malawi 2 24.8
Lesotho 1 24.6

QNI provides a comprehensive ranking of the quality of nationalities worldwide. To ensure a high level of reliability, a wide variety of strictly quantifiable data is used to gauge the opportunities and limitations that our nationalities impose on us.

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