These 5 African Countries Have the World’s Most fertile women in 2019

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Africa is not the most populated continent in the world, that title belongs to Asia with a whopping 4 billion plus people, that is 4 times the number of people living in Africa. However, according to the 2019 fertility rate report by the World Population Review, Africa has the highest fertility rate when it comes to women.

These 5 African Countries Have the World’s Most fertile women in 2019

In the extensive research, 200 countries were profiled and an African country took the number one position and the only Asian country coming in at number ten.

African countries go on to dominate the top 30 list while interestingly recording one of the lowest rates with Tunisia coming in at number 105. The research was presented by the number of children a woman can have in every country while also providing a detailed map that tally with figures presented which provide surprising data.

Here are the top 5 countries in the world with the most fertile women and highest fertility rate.

1. Niger

Coming in at number one in the entire world is Niger. According to the fertility rate report by the World Population Review, every woman in Niger is expected to have 7 children, accurately calculated at 7.135 children per woman. The country is working hard at reducing birth rates although very slow, progress seems to be made, nonetheless, the country has kept the number one position for as long as 5 years

2. Somalia

Somalia takes the world’s and Africa’s 2nd spot with the highest number of fertility rate in women. The average number of kids per woman is 6 and is indicated as 6.123 on the document. Due to its economic and religious issues which affect social amenities and ease of access, the country also has a high rate of maternal mortality as mothers cannot access basic needs when pregnant.

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3. Dr Congo

With a population of over 80 million, DR Congo is the third country with the highest fertility rate in the world. The country is best known for the women’s craze for big butts which makes them self-inject chicken stock seasoning into their butt to make it bigger. For world number 3, a woman is expected to have 5.963 children rounding it up to a 6, closely behind Somalia which beat DR Congo by just .1.

4. Mali

Mali also follows closely behind DR Congo with every woman expected to have 5.922 children which can also be rounded off to a 6. This high fertility rate has been an issue for the country which has tried various means and measures to make the lives of women better. The government of Mali is working with local hospitals, nurses and international organisations such as USAID.

5. Chad

Chad takes the number five position on the list. According to the report, every woman can have 5.797 children. Many children are at risk of dying since Malaria is the number one taker of lives in Chad. However, the government is fighting Malaria as well as finding ways to reduce number of births per woman.

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