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Top 10 Ways To Avoid Getting Shot By A Member Of The Nigerian Police Force

As a Nigerian you've probably heard stories about the 'ruggedity' of Nigerian policemen, well now i'm here to tell you that those stories are not just stories, they are real. And if you would not like to be among...

Reasons Why We Hate The Nigerian Police

As an individual living in Nigeria if you haven't gotten in trouble with the Nigerian police, just wait, your turn will come. Here are 20 reasons why we hate the Nigerian Police. ​ 1. They are bullies They expect you to be calm...

15 Jobs That Wouldn’t Exist If Nigerian’s Were Responsible

It sounds kind of funny, but a large percent of the Jobs in not only Nigeria but the world in general was created because we are quite cruel as humans.  Without wasting much of our time, it is probably worth...

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The Heroro-Nama Genocide: Germany’s Brutal Genocide in Namibia in the early 20th Century

The Herero and Namaqua Genocide is considered to have been the first genocide of the 20th century. It took place between 1904 and 1907 in German South-West Africa(modern day Namibia), during the Herero Wars.

Kenneth Kaunda, Zambia’s First President, and the Last African Independence Leader from the 1960s Dies at 97

Kenneth Kaunda, Zambia’s founding president and one of Africa’s last surviving liberation leaders, has died at a military hospital in Lusaka, where he was being treated for pneumonia. He was 97.

Artefacts Looted From Ethiopia 150 Years Ago Withdrawn From Uk Auction After Ethiopia’s Appeal

Two artefacts that were stolen during colonial-era looting by British forces in Ethiopia have been withdrawn from auction after the Ethiopian government appealed in a letter.

World’s Third Largest Diamond Discovered in Botswana

The diamond firm Debswana has announced the discovery in Botswana of a 1,098-carat stone that it described as the third largest of its kind in the world.

The Earliest Obtainable Map of the Whole Continent of Africa

Mapped by Sebastian Münster, the map below is the earliest obtainable map of the whole continent of Africa. The map was published in the 1552 edition of Sebastian Münster’s Cosmographia.