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We greatly appreciate your interest in writing for Listwand…

Why You Should Write For Us ? – Benefits You Will Get

Quality Backlink and Traffic :

The best thing about writing for us is that you will get a quality dofollow (in the case of a sponsored post) or nofollow backlink in your author bio that will help you in improving your sites external backlinks, Page Rank and in many other things. We’ve a decent amount of traffic here so you will surely get traffic from us.

Rules and Guidelines For Writing a Guest Post

  • Unique Content / Not Copied :

This is the most important thing.. Your post or article must be unique and not copied verbatim from the net.

  • Article Must Be Well Written:

Your article must be well written. Free from grammatical blunders and mistakes. Article Must also have a reasonable content length.

  • Affiliate Links and Unrelated Links are not allowed in the article.

What Kind of Posts Do We Accept?

If you want to publish a Guest post or sponsored post on Listwand, make sure your topic is relevant to ours.

We will give you recognition with a link to your website or profile in your biography at the end of the post.

How To Go About It

Send a mail to us via our contact us page with the details of the post you intend submitting and we’ll definitely get back to you.

When The Post Will Be Published?

Post are published regularly here on Listwand. So if your submitted post is accepted by our editor, it will be published the very next day.

Thank you

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