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Study: The Impression Women Find Least Attractive On Guys

Although showing an happy face is considered essential to friendly social interactions, a research has found out that less smiling makes a man look more attractive.

Smiling makes a man look less masculine

Less smiling makes a man look more masculine

The study first published in the journal Emotion by Tracy & Beall in 2011 examined the relative sexual attractiveness of individuals showing emotion expressions of happiness, pride, and shame.

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For the research 1041 men and women rated the sexual attractiveless of members of the opposite sex displaying emotion expressions of happiness, pride and shame.

And the findings were as follows;

There was a large gender difference in the sexual attractiveness of happy displays:

As men saw happiness as the most attractive female emotion expression.

While in contrast, women saw smiling as the least attractive first impression in males, as they thought that less Smiling relatively makes a man look more masculine..

The study also showed that men were least attracted to women who looked Proud and confident.

Whereas women found pride and confidence as the most attractive male expression.

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Also Shame displays were attractive in both genders, and, among younger adult women viewers, male shame was more attractive than male happiness.

So now you know… i’ll  advice you make the necessary changes in your lifestyle.

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