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Study: Only Five Percent Of CEOs In Africa Are Women

Women make up only 5 percent of chief executives of big corporations in Africa according to a survey by Africa CEO forum.

Study: Only Five Percent of CEOs In Africa are Women

The study was carried out by Africa CEO forum in a bid to promote female empowerment and to support the contribution of women to the continent’s economic development.

The survey reveals there is a low representation of women in the top echelons of African companies despite finding that businesses with most women on their boards have an operating profit over 20 percent higher than industry averages.

Study: Only Five Percent of CEOs In Africa are Women
Source: theafricaceoforum

Further, 18 percent of businesses on the continent have no women in senior roles while only 29 percent of senior roles are held by women.

Angola, Botswana and Central Africa Republic are the only countries with firms who have 50 percent female participation in ownership.

Kenya falls in the 25-50 percent category alongside Uganda, Ethiopia and Rwanda among others.

South Africa, Nigeria and Mauritius are in the countries with less than 25 percent female participation in ownership.

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