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Peru Diver Left With Swollen Body After Diving Mishap

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Divers face a myriad of physical and health risks when they go underwater with scuba or other diving equipment, or use high pressure breathing gas. And in this particular case, physical disfigurement is the case.

Peru Diver Left With Swollen Body After Diving Mishap

A deep sea diver was left with arms and a chest like Popeye after a fishing accident off the coast of Pisco, in southern Peru.

Alejandro ‘Willy’ Ramos, 57, was deep sea diving for shellfish four years ago with a colleague and his son when a huge cargo ship cut across his vital air hose.

This was Willy’s only source of compressed air and though he was able to swim to the surface, the change in pressure caused irreparable damage to his chest and arms and added 30 kilos to his frame.

Peru Diver Left With Swollen Body After Diving Mishap

Risks of Diving

The risks of dying during recreational, scientific or commercial diving are small, and on scuba, deaths are usually associated with poor gas management, poor buoyancy control, equipment misuse, entrapment, rough water conditions and pre-existing health problems. Some fatalities are inevitable and caused by unforeseeable situations escalating out of control, but the majority of diving fatalities can be attributed to human error on the part of the victim ir external forces like the case of the man in the article, Alejandro ‘Willy’ Ramos.

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