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What Nigerian Guys Say vs What Nigerian girls hear

Most Nigerian girls are guilty of over-thinking and over-analyzing everything they hear, especially when it’s coming from someone they like. Here, we look at some of the Things Nigerian guys say And How Nigerian girls interprete them.

Girls always misinterprete guys
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1. What he says “Shes just a friend”

What she hears: “I haven’t slept with her, not yet”

What he really means: “shes just a friend”.

2. What he says “Your friend is really hot.”

What guys say and how girls interpret them
What she hears: “wow, your friend is way hotter than you. I’m interested in her”.

What he really means: “Your friend is really hot”.

3. what he says “do you need help in the kitchen..”

What she hears: “I think you need my help, lately you’ve been cooking trash”.

What he means: “i’m bored, can i join you in the kitchen”.

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4. What he says “We’re just hanging out, having fun.”

What she hears: ” I don’t plan on making you exclusive; this is just a hook up”.
What he means: “I like hanging out with you and I’m enjoying getting to know you”.

5. What he says “I’m not hungry”

What she hears “i don’t really like your food, so i ate somewhere else.

What he means: “i’m not hungry”

6. What he says “you won’t understand”

What she hears: “you are shallow, you won’t understand”.
What he means: “I don’t want to discuss this with you, please”.

7. What he says “i’m busy”

What she hears:“i have more important priorities right now, i dont have time for you”.

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What he means: “i’m busy”.

8. What he says “Please come over”

What she hears “please come over, i’m horny”

What he means: “please come over, lets hang out. I’m bored out of my mind”.

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9. What he says “Lets go to my house”

what she hears “lets go have sex in my house”.

what he really means: “please lets go hang out in my house”.

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