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Nigeria Army Launches Cyber-warfare Division

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Nigeria’s army has launched a cyber-warfare division to help tackle fake news that can “distract and misinform public opinion” and help fight against terrorist activities online, army chief Gen Tukur Yusuf Buratai has announced.

Nigeria Army Launches Cyber-warfare Division

“The intrinsic features of cyberspace can be easily exploited for information warfare by actors with malicious intent to plant and disseminate fake news,” Gen Buratai added at the launch of the new division.
The general also said that the army would launch a mobile phone app to help people report alleged human rights abuses by soldiers.

People will be able to upload videos to back up their claims, which they will be able to submit anonymously. He said

Cyber security is a global problem, and very few countries have an even moderately clean record when it comes to cyber security

According to the NCSI, Nigeria is the 3rd most secured African country against cyber attacks. While Uganda is the most prepared. Second on the list is Mauritius.

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