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Amateur Youtuber Confuses Adwords with Adsense, Ends Up Owing Google $120,000

the idea for google was gotten from a dream

​Jose Javier, from the town of Torrevieja, in Spain’s, dreamed of becoming rich and famous, like his favorite youtubers. So in August, he decided to set up his own YouTube account and register for Google’s lucrative revenue generation program, Adsense. Only it appears he didn’t know anything about this tool, or even its exact name, because instead of opening an account with Adsense, he registered for Adwords, which instead of paying users ad revenue generated by traffic on their webpage or YouTube channel, charges them for promoting products or webpages on the internet. So instead of making money, he ended up spending it the one he had in the bank, and fastI

In order to register for Adwords, the wannabe youtuber used a bank account that his parents had set up for him to encourage him to save money. Because of the way that the advertising campaigns were set up in Adwords, advertising fees started piling up very fast, and the €2,000 originally available in the bank account evaporated in a matter of days. When the balance started showing up in the red, bank employees called Javier’s parents and told them that Google was attempting to charge the account for tens of thousands of dollars. The boy’s mother, Inma Quesada, told bank employees to block the transactions, but because Javier’s Adwords account was still active, his debt kept rising.

As the bills from Google reached €100,000, his mother couldn’t wrap her head around how her son could have spent all that money, considering he had been banned from using the computer after the bank called her to say his account was €22,000 in the red. Now Google was trying to charge him for an extra €78,000. It was then that a computer expert accessed Javier’s computer and found that he had been using Adwords instead of Adsense.

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Luckily for Jose Javier and his family, it would appear that they will not be needing a lawyer to deal with Google. The company released this statement regarding the case:

“ We have analyzed this case and we haven’t received payment from this particular user. We will proceed to cancel the user’s pending AdWords balance. Many online services, including Google AdWords, have age restrictions policies in place. We know how important it is to keep the family environment safe on the Internet. That’s why parents have our Safety Center available.”

source: Odditycentral

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