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New Study Uncovers the Warning Sign Of An Unhealthy Brain

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According to a recent study published in Cambridge university press, belly fat may be particularly bad for the brain. Apparently, the more belly fat people had, the worse their brain function was, as measured by tests of memory, language and their general mental faculties. this conclusion was reached after a series of research was carried out on about 5,000 people.

Belly fat is assessed by measuring the waist and the hips and then dividing one by the other to get a ratio.

Dr Conal Cunningham, who led the study, said:
“While we have known for some time that obesity is associated with negative health consequences our study adds to emerging evidence suggesting that obesity and where we deposit our excess weight could influence our brain health.

The conclusions come from 5,186 people over 60 who were given tests of their cognitive function.

Although this study was carried out in older people, other research has suggested a link between obesity and cognitive decline.

In adults aged 19–65 years, cross-sectional studies suggest that the overweight perform worse on tests of semantic memory, visuospatial ability and executive function compared with normal-weight participants.

Prospective studies have also observed lower cognitive scores and greater cognitive decline in obese v. normal-weight participants, with fastest decline in those with both obesity and metabolic abnormality.”

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