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Microsoft Launches Africa’s First Software Testing Center In Kenya

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Technology giant, Microsoft ,has launched its first software testing center in Kenya, a development that enhances the East African nation’s status as a regional hub for emerging technologies.

Microsoft Launches Africa's First Software Testing Center In Kenya

In a partnership with Techno Brain Limited, Microsoft hopes to create jobs and transfer knowledge to young engineers in Kenya.

The Microsoft software testing center, a first of it’s kind in Africa will be located in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. This center is the fourth outsourced Microsoft testing centre, with others based in India, China and Poland.

‘‘Kenya is said to be Africa’s ultimate technology hub of the future and it is rapidly growing in that area. Microsoft is here to support and enable Kenya and Kenyan’s to excel and achieve that purpose,’‘ said Microsoft Director of Software Engineering, Bambo Sofola at the launch event.

Kenya’s deputy president, William Ruto, who officiated the launch hailed the job creation and innovation benefits of the center.

‘‘The Microsoft test engineering centre, the first in Africa, will create employment to our youths and position Kenya as a preferred destination of quality assurance and innovation,’‘ Ruto said.

With the launch of this center, software engineers in Kenya will get early access to the latest Windows operating system builds. They’ll perform complex tests for various applications before they become available for the global market.

‘‘These engineers will continue to learn and be on a level across the globe on how you do technology, testing and write software, to help fill the talent growth in Kenya.’‘

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Technology companies including Microsoft, Facebook and Google continue to invest in expansion to Africa, where they hope to leverage on the potential of its largely untapped market.

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