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Make a Difference in a Kids life, Support the #EmpowerBorno Project [more details inside]

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The stories emanating from the camps of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Nigeria, especially in bornu state these days, are unpleasant. Their miseries has been on the increase, their health system is nothing to write home about, Epidemic outbreaks threaten their very survival etc. Unfortunately, many of us are fixated on politics, and other frivolities of life to the extent that we are less moved by the agonies of the IDP’s.​

Now is a good time you can actually do something good to help these people.
Empower borno is a cry out to all Humanity, Nigerians and the rest of the world to help support the Borno people to recover from the devastation caused by the now crippled Boko Haram insurgency, help them rebuild their lives and community so they can live in safety, security, peace and prosperity once again.

The Empower borno initiative was designed by the Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs in partnership with the Borno State Government in Nigeria to promote the economic redevelopment and empowerment of borno state and its indigenes.

The Objectives of the project include:

To reinstate calm, serenity and peace that once thrived in all the local government areas of the state…
Rebuilding schools and other infrastructures that will contribute to the development of the state…
Liberating young girls/women from early marriage, rape and abduction…
Developing a health system that has ease of access and qualified health professionals… and inspire the women to pick up vocational skills that will enrich their families etc.

Here are the three ways in which You can show your support for the #Empowerborno project.

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1. Create Awareness

You can show your support by letting the public at large know about the EmpowerBorno project by using the #empowerborno on all your social media platforms, taking a photo/video of yourself carrying the #empowerborno placard and tag @empowerborno on yours and their social media platform (they are all listed below).
You can also consider Becoming a Volunteer of #Empowerborno.

As a Volunteer:

You help us create awareness about the campaign in any way you can.
Your name will be displayed on the website as EMPOWER BORNO VOLUNTEER.

As a volunteer, your job would be to:
Help in our campaign effort to raise funds, Help in the redistribution effort and also be ready to do whatever you are asked.

To sign up as a volunteer, click the below link.

Sign up as volunteer

2. Donate Relief Materials

Borno empowerment
Things that can be donated include: but not limited to Books, clothes, household items, laptop etc):Any material you feel like giving you can call the helpline (070 00 44 44 44) and an agent nearby will be sent to you to pick them up.

3. Donate Funds

Empower borno
You can donate funds directly on their website

Please note that this campaign is legit and endorsed by the Borno State Government. To partner with this cause call 080 600 40 620 or email [email protected]
For more information visit: or follow empowerborno on Facebook, instargram, twitter and linkedin

As you give so shall it be given unto you……..

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