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Lagos Now 3rd Worst Liveable City in the World: EIU 2019 Report

Lagos Nigeria has been ranked as the second worst liveable city in the world, while war-torn Damascus in Syria ranked the worst.

Lagos Now 3rd Worst Liveable City in the World: EIU 2019 Report

Meanwhile, Vienna, the capital of Austria remains on the top of the most liveable cities among the 140 cities around the world, according to the annual Global Liveability Index researched by The Economist Intelligence Unit.

Lagos was ranked 139 out of 140, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit report.
Lagos scored 20 in stability, 37.5 in healthcare, 53.5 in culture and environment, 33.3 in education and 46.4 in infrastructure.

A slew of cities in emerging markets that are among the most exposed to the effects of climate change have seen their scores downgraded and these include New Delhi in India, which suffers from appalling air quality, Cairo in Egypt (where air quality is also a major issue) and Dhaka in Bangladesh.

A lack of a concerted global effort to tackle climate change risks further downward revisions in these scores, threatening to offset improvements in the other categories, such as education and infrastructure, which remain on a broadly upward trend.

The liveability ranking considers that any city with a rating of 80 or more will have few, if any, challenges to living standards. Any city with a score less than 50 will see most aspects of living severely restricted.

The Ten Most Liveable Cities in the World

Austria, Vienna
Australia, Melbourne
Australia, Sydney
Japan, Osaka
Canada, Calgary
Canada, Vancouver
Canada, Toronto
Japan, Tokyo
Denmark, Copenhagen
Australia, Adelaide

The Ten Least Liveable Cities in the World

Venezuela, Caracas
Algeria, Algiers
Cameroon, Douala
Zimbabwe, Harare
PNG, Port Moresby
Pakistan, Karachi
Libya, Tripoli
Bangladesh, Dhaka
Nigeria, Lagos
Syria, Damascus

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How the rating is calculated

The liveability score is reached through category weights, which are equally divided into relevant subcategories to ensure that the score covers as many indicators as possible. Indicators are scored as acceptable, tolerable, uncomfortable, undesirable or intolerable. These are then weighted to produce a rating, where 100 means that liveability in a city is ideal and 1 means that it is intolerable

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