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Kenya: Prisoners To Vote in Coming August Election’s

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Kenyan Prisoners to vote

The Electoral Commission in Kenya has started registering prisoners who are eligible to vote during this year’s General elections due in August.

Hundreds of prisoners lined up in designated areas within the prisons to register, days after the Mass Voter Registration came to a close.

Although Kenyan prisoners won the right to vote in a 2010 landmark ruling by the High Court; they have however not voted due to logistical issues concerning the registration and the eventual process.

They will be joining the over 10 million Kenyans who are registered to vote in the country’s general elections due in August this year (2017).

At Kamiti Maximum Prison just outside Nairobi, prisoners took turns to register as voters. It is an exercise they are not taking lightly.

When interviewed, one of  the prisoner Mugo revealed that his vote can make an impact on his life and the lives of his fellow Kenyans alike.

“The decision of that government when I vote it means that I give them the responsibility to make decisions on my behalf when they make good decisions, the better for me and the Kenyans at home,” he stated.

There are about 50 000 inmates in Kenya’s 118 prisons.

It is not yet clear how many are eligible to vote and the opposition has raised concerns that the exercise behind bars may lead to rigging…

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