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Internet Users In Nigeria Hit 108.5 Million, Highest in Africa

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Internet users in Nigeria increased marginally to 108.5 million in November, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has said.

Top 5 highest Internet Users in Africa 2018

The NCC made this known on Friday in its Monthly Internet Subscribers Data for December posted on its website.

According to the data, Airtel, MTN and Globacom gained more internet subscribers during the month under review, while 9mobile remained on the same figure as in October.

The data also showed that overall internet users increased to 108,457.051 October from the 107,106,975 in August, showing an increase of 1,350,076 new subscribers.

The breakdown revealed that MTN gained more with 707,023 new internet users in November, increasing its subscription to 41,678,804 as against October.

It said that Airtel gained 438,560 new users, increasing its subscription in November to 28,958,253 compared to 28,519,693 in October.

Globacom gained 204,493 new internet users, increasing its subscription in October to 27,761,281 from 27, 556,788
recorded in October.

It further showed that 9mobile recorded 10,058,713 internet users in October, same as in November.

Top 5 African Countries With The Highest Internet Users, 2018

1. Nigeria

West African country Nigeria is Africa’s most populated country with an estimated 195 million living in Nigeria. The country has an internet penetration rate of 50.2% as 108,500,000 of the country’s population has access to the internet. Nigeria is ranked as African’s highest internet using country.

2. Egypt

North African country Egypt has an estimated population of 99,500,000. Out of this total population just 50,000,000 have access to the internet leaving the country with an internet penetration rate of 49.5%. Egypt is Africa’s 2nd highest internet using country.

3. Kenya

Kenya is an East African situated with a coastline on the Indian Ocean. There is an estimated 51 million people living in Kenya, with am estimate of 43,500,000 of country’s population being able to access the internet.

4. South Africa

Located on the Southern tip of the continent, South Africa has an estimated population of 58 million. Out of this total population an estimate of 35,000,000 have access to the internet leaving the country with an internet penetration rate of 53%. South Africa contributes 8.5% to Africa’s total internet usage making the it Africa’s 4th highest internet using country.

5. Morocco

This North African country borders both the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Morocco has an estimated population of 38,241,418, and an estimated 20,207,154 people in Morocco have internet access. The country is Africa’s 5th highest internet using country.

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