Christmas in Nigeria: The Unarguable Facts

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So, that day is fast approaching again, christmas.. Felix Navidad.  Here are some facts about Christmas in Nigeria

1. Christmas is the most celebrated annual holiday in Nigeria

Christmas in nigeria
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About 60 percent of Nigerians are Christians, while the other 40 percent are comprised of Muslims and traditional believers. So it’s no surprise at all that the season is the most celebrated holiday in Nigeria.

Christmas in Nigeria

2. Many families would start the day by first going to church, including those who have not been to church since the beginning of the year.

3. All christain families in Nigeria -mine included- would celebrate Christmas and about 1 in 3 of this families will kill a Chicken  -some will kill two- this Christmas. Yea, so many Chickens will die this christmas. And i’m talking about more than a 100 million of them.

Christmas in Nigeria

4. Seeing as the idea of Christmas rice has become a tradition in the country, virtually all Christians in Nigeria will prepare a big pot of rice’ It could be jellof rice, fried rice or coconut rice but one thing that is certain is that Rice must be cooked to celebrate the birth of Christ.

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5. And this one is a fact, many people are going to purge on this day mainly because they ate so much, more than their stomach could carry.

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