5 Bizarre Cultural Practices From Around Africa

You think you've seen weird, wait until you read these 5 Most Bizarre Cultural Practices From Around Africa. 1. "Ka'el" Of all the traditional ceremonies of the bodi tribe of Ethiopia, none is more fascinating and weird than the “Ka’el” festival...

African Culture: The Wodaabe Tribe Wife Stealing Festival

The Wodaabe tribe is a small subgroup of the Fulani ethnic group. They are traditionally nomadic cattle-herders and traders in the Sahel, with migrations stretching from southern Niger, through northern Nigeria, northeastern Cameroon , southwestern Chad, and the western...

Botswana: Rape Victim Refuses To Testify Against Culprit. Says He Satisfied Her

A Botswana woman who was raped by a Zimbabwean man refused to testify against him but instead asked the police to provide her with his contacts as she wants him to come back for more.

Troublesome South African Baboon Evicted For Organizing Gang To Raid Homes

Kataza is an urban baboon who was captured and put in a local prison for organizing a band of baboons to join him in raiding 15 homes in Kommetjie, on Cape Town's southern peninsula in South Africa.

South African Settlements Named ‘Covid-19’ and ‘Sanitiser’

A community in a newly formed informal settlement near the South African city of Cape Town has given the pandemic a new twist and named their area Covid-19.

Cows for AK-47 — Nigerian State Offers Repentant Bandits Cows for AK-47s

In an attempt to encourage Bandits to give up a life of crime and live a normal life as responsible citizens, Zamfara state Governor Bello Matawalle has offered to give Repentant bandits two cows for every AK-47 they surrender.

Sibusiso Mthembu: Meet The South African Man Who Has Been to Heaven Four Times

Sibusiso Mthembu is a self-proclaimed prophet from Mandeni, in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa who claims he has been to heaven four times. Sibusiso Mthembu, now 72, said there were 11 heavens and he had drawn a map of them. Mthembu had his...

6 Mysterious Events to Happen in Africa

Growing up as a kid in Africa. You just dont have a choice but to Believe in supernatural powers -- including the power to transform human beings into animals and natural objects etc, you also get to hear, sometimes witness some...

Cameroon Miracle Healer Who Claimed He Could Cure COVID-19, Dies of Virus

Frankline Ndifor, a popular Cameroon pastor and miracle healer has died of COVID-19 a week after he prayed and laid hands on persons diagnosed with the coronavirus. When his death was announced on Saturday, family members and Christians of his...

Covid-19: Colombian Company Creates Hospital Beds that can Double as Coffin

A Colombian advertising company has created cardboard hospital beds that double as COFFINS as a way to help poor families that can't pay for funeral expenses amid coronavirus pandemic. A Colombian advertising company is pitching a novel if morbid solution...

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Meet 97-Year-old Kenneth Kaunda, the only African Independence Leader from the 1960s Still Alive

Kenneth David Kaunda also known as KK, is a Zambian former politician who led Zambia to independence from British rule in 1964 and served as the country’s first president until 1991.

Archaeologists Uncover Oldest Human Burial in Kenya

Archaeologists have identified the oldest known human burial in Africa during field work that uncovered the remains of a child laid carefully to rest in a grave nearly 80,000 years ago.

Tani Adewumi: 10 Year Old Nigerian is Now a US National Chess Master

Nigerian American Tani Adewumi is only 10 years old, but he has just become a U.S. Chess National Master with a rating of 2223. Tani...

World’s Best Dads: The Loving Fathers of the Aka Tribe in Central Africa

In the Aka tribe of Central Africa, fathers spend more time with their children than most parents in industrialized societies.

Biblical Justification for Slavery: Interpreting the Curse of Ham

The biblical story of Genesis 9:20-27 has always left more readers confused than informed. Like the story of Job and many Old Testament stories,...