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Bizarre!! South African Twins Marry Same Lady, Same Day

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Something that might be considered as strange has happened once again, as twins marry the same woman in South Africa.

South African twins marry Same Lady Same Day

In the photos shared by Moatshe, the twins and their wife were dressed in traditional attires made with animal skin. They were surrounded by family and friends who seem to support their decision.

South Africans on Twitter shared their thoughts and concerns about the twins and their young wife.

“When you’re twins it doesn’t automatically mean everything that you do in life should be the same,” Ngoako tweeted.

“Well, this is weird. What’s weirder is I found out there is a thing called sologamy. It’s a marriage by a person to oneself…”Tommyk tweeted.

“I’m better off with just whisky as my wife,” said Gamroji

“This is not cool,” Truth tweeted

“My question is when they have children how will they know which baby belongs to who. Hai, maybe they will play pick it, pick it, point I,” @tlou_makgaleng

“I love twins soo much but these did an odd thing here These twins want to share everything Like literally,”@ Silokazie

“Lol… This is a joke, we are in the 21st century,” Faris said
“Madness,” @NolenceMashego

“I have a lot of questions,” Lebogang tweeted


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