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Annie Hawkins: Meet the Woman with the Largest Natural Breasts in the World

In 1999, Ms. Hawkins made it to the Guinness book as the woman with the largest natural breasts in the world.

It is inspiring to think that even the creator goes to work, once in a while, solemnly vowing; today, I either go big or go home. In the curious case of Annie Hawkins, the creator didn’t go big or bigger. He went biggest! One glance is more than enough to tell what part of Annie’s body the giver of life gave his time the day he made her. The angels must have worked their fingers to the bones gathering all the clay that went into the molding of Ms. Hawkins’ legendary breasts.

In 1999, Ms. Hawkins made it to the Guinness book as the woman with the largest natural breasts in the world. She is best known by her stage name, Norma Stitz, a nickname coined from the descriptive words ‘enormous tits.’ With the bra size 102ZZZ, we can say that all the work done on Ms. Hawkins’ creation day was not in vain. Who could’ve guessed that possessing the largest breasts in the world was enough to put one in the spotlight?

Breast Hypertrophy

Unlike many, Ms. Hawkins started developing breasts at the age of 8. In 2016, she confessed at an interview that when her breasts wouldn’t stop growing, she was diagnosed with gigantomastia. According to her, it is a rare medical “condition that involves slow, progressive growth of breast tissue which is why my breasts continue to grow even today.”

In 1999, when Guinness World Records named her the woman with the largest natural breasts in the world, you would think that soon, some ambitious teenager would beat Stitz to her game. It has been twenty-two years since, and Ms. Hawkins is still clinging to her record with breasts that won’t stop growing!

The Boobs-preneur

Ms. Hawkins was born with her career sitting on her chest. Endowed with the largest natural breasts in the world, Norma Stitz is currently enjoying a flourishing career as a fetish model. Her career started when she won a layout contest for the amateur section of Juggs, a magazine once reputed to be the favorite literature for breast men. Stitz appeared on Strange Sex, the TLC TV series, in 2012. Later on, she was also featured on The Jenny Jones Show.

Annie Hawkins has made about 250 softcore porn films in her career as Norma Stitz, always insisting on no sex. She believes that the mystery of pleasure lies in the imagination and not necessarily the act, which is why she describes herself as a “fantasy model.”

In the 2016 interview, she shared how, growing up, she always feared that men only wanted to date her for her big boobs. It wasn’t until she met her husband, Allen Turner, that she felt truly loved by any man. Turner, an air force officer, who was 20 years older than her, never failed to affirm that to posses the largest breasts in the world is a bold statement of her beauty. According to Stitz, Turner encouraged her to turn her boobs into the successful business it has become today.

The business started with a simple website where she charged men to admire her enormous tits. It was a kind of digital tourist attraction where men from all corners of the world gathered to ogle at the largest breasts in the world. Ms. Hawkins made about £40,000 in the first year. It surprised her how much peeping toms were willing to pay to be allowed into the cinema. Norma Stitz officially became a brand, showcasing incredible images of the largest breasts in the world. The ever-grateful Ms. Hawkins-Turner takes every opportunity to credit her success to her husband, who died of lung cancer in 2003.

Norma Stitz, who can’t see her feet standing, confessed she is always careful walking down staircases. When traveling, she always requires larger airplane seats to accommodate her million-dollar assets. These and many more were the challenges she faces everyday on account of having the largest breasts in the world. Doctors advised Stitz to do a breast reduction surgery, but the boobs-preneur refused, stating that the muscles on her back develop along with the breasts they have been tasked to carry by nature. The unanswered question was whether she declined because she didn’t want to tamper with the only thing that matters in her business.

However, it seems evident that Ms. Hawkins refuses a reduction because of the business. According to the mother of two, “my business has put my kids through college, bought cars and nice homes. I travel the world, and I am my own boss.” This stands as her testimony for those who always wonder what it feels like to have the biggest breasts in the world.

Speaking on the stares she gets, Hawkins-Turner says that while she’s learned to handle rude behavior, it bothers her son and daughter — Darrius, and Clara.

“I go out to dinner with my family, and people start pointing at me,” she says. “I’ll go up to the table, introduce myself, and tell them to get a good look now, ’cause I’m gonna sit down with my family and enjoy my dinner. My son gets very upset, because he doesn’t understand how, when a man is walking with a woman, he can turn around and stare at me. He said that you can have a woman walking around with a huge behind and nobody says anything. But with me, they do.”

Awards, Honors, and Recognition

In 2016, a new wax museum opened in Ha Long, Vietnam, and immortalized Annie Hawkins-Turner by adding her likeness to its collection. Much recently, in 2018, she was inducted into the BBW Hall of Fame.

Norma Stitz, whose breasts weigh about 44.9 pounds each, remains an inspiration to many up-and-coming large-breasted models.

It is one thing to express your mark in this world by chiseling off your imperfections. It is another to be born bearing a self-expressive mark shining on you like a thousand supernovae. You feel blessed. And once in a lifetime, only a few people feel that way. Annie Hawkins must have been one of this fortunate few.

However, for some people, if you don’t feel blessed, it is your responsibility to bless yourself. The concept of self-blessing was the case of Sheyla Hershey, a Brazilian glamour model and TV personality who had gigantic breast implants until a staph infection made her remove them in 2010. The size of each implant was reported to be 38KKK. At the time, Hershey’s breasts were reported to be the largest breasts implants in the world.

Currently, the glamour model, Foxy Menagerie Verre, has the spotlight for her large breast implants after the staph-sacking of Hershey Boobsville. The divorcee insists that she will never stop enlarging her breasts, saying her goal is to hit the shape of a “perfect hourglass.” With such intention for progressive increment, Menagerie is modelling what nature gave to Ms. Hawkins into an artificial gigantomastia to posses the largest breast implants in the world.

Since 1962 when Timmie Jean Lindsey became the first person to undergo breast augmentation, there has been a growing proliferation of breast and butt enlargement among women. It seems that what nature did for Annie Hawkins-Turner, science is replicating for the less endowed. Whatever the implications, we will be waiting to see how bright or bleak the future of breasts will become.

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