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Top 7 Of The Worst Jobs In Africa

There are good jobs and there are worst jobs below are the 7 of the worst jobs you can find in Africa. 1. Zama Zamas Zama zamas are illegal miners that are found mostly in South Africa. This zama zamas swarm...

Top 7 African Countries With The Highest Internet Users

The number of Internet users in Africa is growing at a faster pace than the rest of the world. And yet the continent still have a long way to go. Here are the top 7 african countries with the...

Top 7 Of The Worst Prisons In Africa

While some prisons in Africa are actually quite nice with televisions, toilets, gym rooms, nice food etc, there are still numerous prisons in Africa that can rightfully be referred to as “hell on Earth”. Below are 8 of the...
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Meet Uche Eke, Nigeria’s First Ever Olympic Gymnast

24 year old Uche Eke will represent Nigeria in the country’s debut in gymnastics at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.
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