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Africa Ranking

Top 7 Most Influential Countries in Africa 2018

In no particular order of appearance these are the Top 10 Most influential countries in Africa. 1. Nigeria Despite the numerous national challenges Nigeria is currently facing, the country still remains Africa’s largest economy. Nigeria is also dominant for being the largest...

Top 20 Most (And Least) Prosperous Countries In Africa – 2018

The Legatum Institute, a London-base company, released its annual Prosperity Index on the 29th of November. The Index™ offers a unique insight into how prosperity is forming and changing across the world. The index ranks 149 countries in terms...

Top 10 Worthless Currencies In Africa – 2018

These currencies below are some of the most unstable, weakest and worthless currencies in Africa. (read also - Top 10 of the strongest currencies in Africa). How worthless are this currencies you may ask. Well take Sao tome and principle...

Top 10 Strongest Currencies In Africa – 2019

Based on their exchange rate to the dollar and their purchasing power, the currencies below are the strongest in Africa. Top 10 Strongest Currencies In Africa - 2019 10. Swaziland (1$=14.18 szl) The lilangeni is the currency of Swaziland. (The South African...

Top 5 Worst Airports In Africa 2018 – Survey

The airports that appear on this list of the worst airports in Africa are the ones that have the capacity to truly offend travellers. In Some of the airports below, passengers are made to stand or sit on the floor...

Top 10 Largest Economies In Africa 2018

Here is a brief overview of the largest economies in Africa: Note: Egypt didnt't let the IMF publish anything on their economy this year, so based on their GDP last year we estimated their GDP for this year. 1. Nigeria (GDP...

Top 10 Best (and Worst) Police Force in Africa 2018

According to data released by the world Internal Security and Police Index, Botswana has the best police in Africa and Nigeria the worst. Botswana with a population of less than 3 million people is a model African country, known...

Best And Worst Countries In Africa For Doing Business 2017

Since its inception, Doing Business has recorded business reforms in 186 of the 190 economies it now monitors. In this year's report, Mauritius is the highest ranked economy in Sub-Saharan Africa in the 25th in the world. Nigeria, Malawi and...

Top 10 Richest Countries In Africa 2018

The African continent houses a total of about 1.07 billion people in the 54 countries of the continent. Though the continent is rich in resources -both natural and human, the people have been exploited for decades and are poverty...

Top 10 Richest Musicians In Africa 2018

According to trace.tv These are the richest musicians in africa 2018. **Note: The list also includes Africans plying their trade overseas. The list was put together by Forbes using factors such as endorsement value, popularity, show rates, sales, awards, YouTube views,...

Latest News

Ancient Egypt And Their Bizarre Method Of Pregnancy Detection

In Ancient Egypt, women suspected of being pregnant were made to urinate on barley and wheat seeds as a form of a pregnancy test. If the barley grew, it was a boy. If the wheat grew, it was a girl. If none grew, she was not pregnant.

“And The First Human Was Named Baatsi” — The Creation Story of The Efe Pygmies of DR Congo

The efe pygmies of DR Congo believe that a god named Arebate created the world and is the supreme being. He is identified with the forest, since everything is dependent on it.

World’s Rarest Gorillas Spotted in Nigeria for the First Time in Years

For the first time in years, the wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has captured images of group of rare gorillas with multiple infants in the mountains of southern Nigeria.

“The Aim is to Build” — France to Rename Streets After African World War 2 Heroes

France's armed forces ministry has provided local authorities with a 210-page booklet containing the names of 100 Africans who fought for France in World War Two, so that streets and squares may be named after them.

Javicia Leslie Becomes First Black Actress to Play Batwoman on TV

Javicia Leslie has become TV’s first black Batwoman. She is the new lead actress in the CW TV show’s second season. Leslie will play Ryan Wilder, a new character who will take over from Kate Kane.