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Africa Achievements: According to UN, These Are The Things Africa Has Achieved So Far

Through its unique capacities as the world’s premiere vehicle for international cooperation, the UN system plays a crucial role in coordinating assistance of all kinds — to help Africa help itself. From promoting the development of democratic institutions, to the establishment of peace between warring nations, the UN is present on the ground observing, supporting economic and social development and the promotion and protection of human rights in Africa.

According to information garnered from the UN website.. These are the achievements of Africa.

Africa Achievements

1. Decolonization

At the end of World War II in 1945, nearly every country in Africa was subject to colonial rule or administration. Following the founding of the UN in 1945 and its massive decolonization effort, Africa is now virtually free from colonial rule. In 2011 South Sudan became Africa’s newest country when it gained independence from the rest of Sudan. Today, the African Union boasts 54 independent member States.

2. Economic Growth

The continent’s economy grew by roughly four per cent in 2014, creating one of the longest stretches of uninterrupted positive economic expansion in Africa’s history. As a result, a growing number of Africans have joined the middle class each year.

3. Advancement of Women

In 11 African countries, women hold close to one-third of the seats in parliaments. Rwanda has the highest proportion of women parliamentarians in the world.

Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest regional female entrepreneurial activity rate in the world, with nearly a third of businesses having some female ownership.

4. Continental Agenda 2063

In January 2015 the Heads of State and Governments of the African Union adopted Agenda 2063, Ethiopia. The vision and ideals in the Agenda serve as pillars for the continent in the foreseeable future, which will be translated into concrete objectives, milestones, goals, targets and actions/measures.

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Agenda 2063 strives to enable Africa to remain focused and committed to the ideals it envisages in the context of a rapidly changing world.

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