9 Useful Things That We Wish Were Taught in Nigerian Schools

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Although our schools always try to give us the most important information to help us excel later in life. But unfortunately No matter how hard they might try to prepare us, some subjects simply can’t be taught in a classroom.

Here are 9 Useful Things That We Wish Were Taught in Nigerian Schools.

1. Self Defense

Self defence
Knowing how to defend yourself is a helpful skill to help you out of an unsafe situation. But You will never know how helpful a skill this is, until you find yourself alone in an unsafe neighbourhood.

2. Finding a Job

Finding a job

Finding a job can be tough, especially for new graduates. Although some schools may teach the basics on building a resume, going out and finding a job can be a challenge all on its own.

3. Keeping a job

Keeping your job

After you’ve landed yourself that dream job. You might think all is well, but that’s usually not the case, as after securing a job you have to work really hard to keep it. Once upon a time, talent, skills, and a strong work ethic were the keys to holding on to a good job in Nigeria, but they are not anymore.

4. Negotiation

Men negotiating
Image source: negotiationtips.co

It’s quite unfortunate, but many students are neglected the opportunity to learn to negotiate, which is a very handy skill because whether you’re buying a phone, or just talking to a friend, the number of times when it’s handy to be a good negotiator are actually quite numerous.

5. The Law

Although most of us took some sort of civic education, citizenship etc back in school, but to really understand how our judicial system works could take years of studying and thousands of Naira’s for law school. It would have made more sense if all Nigerian Students were at the very least, educated on the common laws that will most likely affect their lives.

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6. Personal Health

Man teaching
Although many Nigerian schools offer a couple of classes in physical education, but tgereathe fact remains that really knowing how to take care of your body takes a lot more than just jogging round a compound.

A healthy lifestyle consists not only of exercising regularly, but also of eating smartly and striving for emotional stability.

That there are so many obese people in Nigeria is because majority of us don’t know much about personal health.

7. First Aid

Nigerians and first aid

​The ability to treat a wound or provide aid to an injured person can be invaluable and in some cases can even save a life. invaluable procedures, such as cleaning and dressing an injury, CPR etc; although simple, are not taught in many Nigerian schools.

8. Cooking

Nigerian schools
Cooking is one of the most important skills any independent person can have; it’s healthier, cheaper, and more self-fulfilling than going out to eat in restaurants and mama puts. 

I personally would have loved it if it were a compulsory subject in Nigerian schools.

9. Recognizing scams

Recignising Nigerian scam
Everyday new scams keep sprouting up in Nigeria. You have the Bvn scam, custom scam, making money scam etc. 
The number of Nigerians that fall for these scams and money making schemes on a daily basis is alarming. 

It wouldn’t have been so if the art of recognizing scams was taught in our schools.

Uzonna Anele
Anele is a web developer and a Pan-Africanist who believes bad leadership is the only thing keeping Africa from taking its rightful place in the modern world.

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