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8 Types of Poisonous People You Should Never Keep as a Friend

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When we’re working to change the direction of our lives and reach our goals, one of the most importabt thing to do first is, critically examine the kind of people we hang around most often and separate the healthy ones from the toxic ones.

To free yourself from unnecessary problems, strife, tension, and stress,
Here are 8 types of poisonous people you should never keep as a friend

People you should avoid

1. The Pessimist

No matter what the circumstances are, these people are always negative and pessimistic. Nothing is ever good enough, and no one will ever succeed in anything, according to them.

2. The Perpetual Liar

These people give no room for trust in a relationship. They will lie about everything and anything. Life is so much better without them.

3. The Gossiper

Anyone who will gossip to you, will gossip about you. So its just better to steer off gossipers.

4. The Needy

The needy person always comes to you when they want something from you -which is everytime. Funny enough, this people never help others.

5. The Unstable

Some people have absolutely no control over their emotions, which makes being around them draining sometimes.

6. The Disputatious Person

They will argue over anything Anywhere, anytime with anybody and losing is not an option for them. Spending time with this kind of people is extremely exhausting because the arguments never stop.

7. The Undependable

Having an undependable friend can be frustrating, and i mean very frustrating.

Apart from the fact that they never show up on time for anything, they almost never keep their promise. Life is so much easier without them.

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8. The Control Freak

They dont care for your input, you just have to do everything their way because they know the best and the quickest way to do everything.

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