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8 Things Nigeria Does Remarkably Well

Although there are legit problems in Nigeria, from corruption to its poor health care, fraud, terrorism etc. , that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any positives. That’s what prompted me to devote an entire list explaining those things Nigeria does right. Enjoy

Below are 7 things Nigeria Does Remarkably Well.

1. Nigerians are friendly

Things Nigerians are good at
Nigerians have a reputation for smiling at strangers on the street and being an extremely extroverted society in general, even to outsiders.

2. Optimism

Nigerians are optimistic

Its called the “things will get better” attitude.

Nigerians are the most optimistic people in the world, Mainly because we are very religious and thats what religion preaches, Hope and faith.

3. We are Resilient

Here you will find the most resilient people on earth..Perhaps this is due to the undying optimism mentioned in number 2.

4. Going to church

Nigerians love going to church

Currently we are the 9th most religious country in the world.

5. Business/Hustling

​​Nigerians are huslers
The average Nigerian is a hustler, that’s the reason why we succeed everywhere we go, regardless of the environment we find ourselves in.

6. Humour

Comedy in Nigeria

Aside from the numerous rib cracking comedians we have in the country,
You will all agree with me that the average Nigerian really knows how to crack a joke.

You only need to visit sites like twitter, Nairaland etc to know what i’m talking about.

7. Turning up

Nigerians love party

There’s no party like a Nigerian party.

Because of this our music industry is the biggest in Africa, our musicians just have keep releasing new songs to meet up with our partying habit. Because no one loves stale music.

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8. Football

Undoubtedly the most loved sport in the country.

Nigeria is the country with the most football trophies in Africa.

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