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7 Of The Most Ridiculous Lawsuits Of All Time

From students suing their school, to a man suing himself, below are the 7 most ridiculous Lawsuits of all time.

Ridiculous lawsuits

1. Man who sued himself

Robert Lee Brock was a prisoner in Virginia in 1995. One day, he decided to be removed from prison so he could enter a mental institution. To make this happen, he decided to sue himself for $ 50 million, claiming that he committed a crime while he was drunk. In the end, the case was dismissed and he failed to get his transfer.

2. Rapist who sued his hospital

In 2002, a man convicted of raping a patient in a hospital filed a $2- million case against the Hospital, saying that its security had failed to prevent him from committing rape against one of its patients.

3. Man sues organizers of olympics

In Japan, a man sued the organizers of Nagano Winter Olympics after he missed the event due to heavy traffic.

Shockingly, he won the case and the organizers were ordered to pay damages for mental anguish.

4. Girl Sues her School

A California law graduate Anna Alaburda, 37, who came top of her class, sued her school (Thomas Jefferson School of Law) after failing to get a job as a lawyer in almost a decade since her graduation.

She claimed the school had lured her in with inflated employment figures. She was demanding $125,000 in damages.

5. Man Sues His Hostages

While running from the police, ‘Dimmick’ a murder suspect ended up taking a couple hostage because he needed a place to lay low.

While conversing with the couples, he made them promise not to call the cops on him, but they did ecactly that eventually when they saw him dozing.

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The couple later sued him for $75000 for damages and surprisingly the criminal countersued for $235,000, claiming that they had breached on an oral deal to not call the cops on him.

Guess who won the case.

6. Woman sues restaurant after slipping on own drink

Amber Carson of Lancaster, became $113,500 Richer after a jury ordered a restaurant to pay her $113,500.

Apparently while in the restaurant she slipped on a spilled soft drink she spilled on the floor 30 seconds earlier during an argument with her boyfriend and injured herself.

7. Robber sues bank

A German bank robber who was arrested after a teller realized he was hard of hearing and tripped an alarm sued the bank for exploiting his disability.

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