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7 Memory Enhancing Techniques Every Student Must Know

Are you an academia or a struggling student seeking to unlock doorways into your own memory that you’ve probably never witnessed before, then These 7 Memory Enhancing Techniques Every Student Must Know is for you

Memory Enhancing Techniques Every Student Must Know is for you

1. Actively Paying Attention

In order to use our memory to maximum capacity, we need to be conscious of every bit of information necessary. So when next you are in class or when next you read, try not to get distracted by anything or anyone, and focus all your attention on what is been said.

2. Take Notes By Hand

When you’re studying, instead of reading from a textbook, or laptop, try taking notes by hand’ generally it is a good habit to get into because apparently it allows you to not only bring out the main points in the book but also paraphrase the information you’ve been studying thereby increasing your conceptual understanding of the study material.

When you combine this strategy with repetition and teaching… you’ld be able to commit anything you read to memory.

3. Acronyms

Acronyms are simply words derived from the first letters of whatever phrase is being memorized. Each symbol in an acronym serves as a mental cue for another word. These techniques are extremely common. For example, the acronym Mr Niger D depicts the characteristics of living things

This method is perfect for remembering words in a specified order.

4. Write It Down From Memory

How to enhance Memory

After reading an article, material or textbook, take a few minutes to let the information sink in, and without looking at your notes, try see if you can write down everything you’ve learned from memory in your own words.
Not only will this strategy allow you learn how to paraphrase the information you’ve been studying in your own words, it also enhances your ability to recall information through focusing and ignoring distractions.

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5. Repetition

It’s a simple fact that the more something is repeated, the more it is embedded in your long-term memory.

So whenever you’re studying, after every couple of lines, repeat the previous sentences as many times as you’d like to times either aloud or in your head (this method is perfect for remembering definitions).

Till today I can still recite the laws of diminishing returns i learnt in 2007 and that’s because my teacher made me repeat it more times than i could count.

6. Practice

Practice is by far the most important rule of memory enhancement. You may learn a few things over night, but if they are not practiced they will easily go into oblivion.

So, always try to Make an effort to practice those things you learn by employing strategies like “repetition” and “writing it down from memory” and with time You’ll find yourself reaching a new level of retention that will surprise you.

7. Teaching

Strategies to improve memory as a student
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Another perfect way to enhance retention is by teaching what you know to another person.
According to psychologists, When you are trying to learn something, teach someone about it. Not only does it cement it into your mind but it also builds confidence in the recalling of information.

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