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7 Interesting Facts About Sundays In a Typical Nigerian Home

Sundays can be very interesting in Nigerian homes.

In no particular order, here are 7 interesting Facts About Sundays in A Typical Nigeria Home (Christian home). enjoy.

1. Bread and tea

Bread and tea is the most favoured meal, most Nigerians take bread and tea before going to church. Which isn’t surprising considering the fact that it is very easy to prepare.

2. Rice culture

Rice is almost always prepared in every Nigerian Home on sunday afternoons.

3. Sunday best

Nigerian Christians wear their best clothes on Sundays.

4. You must go church

As a young adult/teenager, when it’s sunday You just don’t have a say, you must go to church.

5. After church

Because they are usually not allowed to watch whatever they want, After church on Sundays, most young adults spend their whole day in their room or outside instead of with their parents in the living room/parlour.

6. Angry dads

Many (if not all) Nigerian Dads get angry every sunday morning before church. Why? Because their wives always delays them.. they just wont come out of the dressing room early.

7. The wrong reasons

Many Nigerians who go to church on Sundays do so not because they want to worship God or anything, but because they either want To show off a new cloth, see what others are wearing or woo ladies or entice guys

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