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7 Bizarre Signs You Are A Really Creative Person

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According to psychologists, being sarcastic, having a wandering mind and these three other things are all signs of higher creativity.

7 bizarre Signs You Are A Really Creative Person

7 Bizarre Signs You Are A Really Creative Person

1. You are sarcastic

To those who don’t know, Sarcasm means Insincerely saying something which is often (but not necessarily) the opposite of one’s intended meaning, often to emphasize how unbelievable or unlikely it sounds if taken literally, thereby illustrating the obvious nature of one’s intended meaning. Inortherwords, sarcasm is a sharp form of humor, intended to mock someone.

The thing about sarcasm is that Researchers have discovered that it can actually cause creativity, rather than just being its byproduct.

Apparently, Sarcasm can actually promote creative thinking, a study finds.

According to the researchers, sarcasm actually requires considerable mental powers to produce.

2. Your mind wanders

How often do you daydream?

People tend to think of daydreaming and letting the mind wander as a waste of time.

But psychology experts suggests daydreaming could be key to higher creativity.

Apparently, unlike the localized neural activity associated with specific tasks, mind wandering involves the activation of a gigantic default network involving many parts of the brain.

3. You are neurotic

Yes, neurosis is the quality or state of being neurotic. And it is marked by uneasines, concern, obsession etc.

But What you don’t know is that high levels of creativity may go hand-in-hand with neuroticism.

Although being highly neurotic is by definition unpleasant, it also has creative benefits.” Dr Perkins

This is because the area of the brain which is linked to creativity also has the tendency to over-think things and worry.

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4. You let the unconscious do its work

The more you consciously think, the less creative you are, a new studyfinds.

How did the researchers come to this conclution? Well.. The researchers had people playing ‘Pictionary’, a game where you have to try and draw a word.

At the same time while they were playing the game their brains were scanned to see which areas of their brain were most active, and when.

Sometimes a deliberate attempt to be creative may not be the best way to optimize your creativity. Prof Allan

The end results of the study showed that while greater effort to produce creative outcomes involves more activity of executive-control regions of the brain, you actually may have to reduce activity in those regions in order to achieve creative outcomes..

5. Your attention is easily diverted

Studies have found that creative people unlike those who are less creative, find it particularly difficult to cut out noises like car horns, tapping, dripping, etc.

Apparently this is because, creative people have more ‘leaky’ sensory filters, which allows for the inability to shut out competing sensory information while focusing on a creative project at hand… Example when a creative person is trying to write a song and at the background is someone tapping his feet, he won’t be able to concentrate no matter what he does.

This may explain why many creative geniuses, like Marcel Proust, Charles Darwin, Anton Chekhov, myself and many others only worked in serene environments.

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