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5 Subtle Ways To Recognize a Girl who Would Be An Easy Lay

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To those of you who don’t know, an easy lay is a girl that you would have an easy time getting in bed, no stress.

When it comes to picking up girls most guys almost always look for those girls that won’t prove difficult to get in bed, this is a fact.. But sometimes identifying them can be a problem.. So do you want to know how to identify them? Read on.
For guys suffering from sex starvation, here are 5 Subtle Ways To Recognize a girl who would be an Easy Lay.

1. She Associates with confirmed sluts

Confirmed sluts

This is one of the most obvious sign..When a girl hangs out with known sluts/bad girls/cheap girls etc its likely she too is one of em.

Birds of a feather they say flock together.

2. She has a low self esteem

Girl making call

Not that there are specific rules or anything but it’s pretty easy to spot -atleast to me- a low self-esteem(ed) girl.

Most times than not they are the ones with average looks, ugly face, too much skin hanging loose, diminished confidence etc.

I once had a friend that only specialized in ugly girls, he was so successful with them that he gave up on normal girls.

Although its sad to take advantage of this girls, but konji is real.

3. She Gives Her Number To You Just After Minutes of Chyking (Wooing)

Girl giving guy her number
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Any girl who gives her number to you after just few minutes of you chyking (wooing) her would definitely be an easy lay.

This kind of girls would also do anything to feel accepted/loved.

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4. The Way They Dress

This girls can be recognized by their dressing, they dress to kill and not to cover their nakedness. They always wear tight dresses that reveal the anatomy of their whole body and also expose the sensitive parts of their body all in a bid to attract some attention from the opposite sex.

One thing about girls that fall in this category though is that you may have to spend a little on them.

5. She has Been Dinking


Undoubtedly, this will give you an edge, which i’m sure you guys already know.

A drunk girl = easy lay.
You can’t separate the two

If shes been drinking, its likely that shes drunk. And we all know how easy it is to bed a drunk girl. Although you may end up baby sitting her after the whole ordeal, but it is worth it.

God its so hard to say no to an easy lay.

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