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5 Signs That Shows You May Still Be Suffering From Mental Slavery

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Although slavery has been abolished for centuries now and many African countries granted their independence.. However, no outside actions can remove the massive emotional and psychological damage that occurred as a result of the colonization of Africa. remains with modern-day Africans today…

Mental slavery in Africa

More than a slave not owning his/her body, mental slavery has a deadly grip on the mind of Africans, and other third world countries today, ans this makes it very dangerous as it has the potential of doing more damage to a people in the long run.

​Yet many African descendants are in denial of the long-lasting affects of the traumatically brutal institution.

Dr. Amos Wilson (February 23,1941 – January 14, 1995), a former Professor of Psychology at the City University of New York, would argue that only a systematic correction in consciousness can help Black people, who were taught to think as slaves, to truly escape bondage. In one of his lectures, the renowned author who penned books such as “The Developmental Psychology of the Black Child,” posed five simple questions to those who believe otherwise.

If Wilson’s questions are answered truthfully, they reveal the slave mindset still within most of us.

Below are 5 Signs That Shows You May Still Be Suffering From Mental Slavery

***This article is no opinion piece. Rather, it is information opening up buried facts…

1. You Don’t/can’t Speak Your Indigenous Language

Language is critical to the expression of culture because it’s a means by which the values, beliefs and customs of a people are communicated. You cannot separate language from a tribe or culture, neither will you separate a tribe or culture from a language. If you manage to separate a tribe from their language, you will destroy their culture in the long run. Language infact is the center of any culture. and if people forget their native tongue, they lose an important aspect of their culture and a piece of who they are.
That’s exactly what the slave masters and colonialists did. They made sure they destroyed our languages by banning it while putting their own languages as our official language and forcing us to acquire knowledge with it.

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2. What name do you Answer to?

During colonization, by way of converting them to christians, Africans were baptized, and adopting an English name was compulsory. (This practice is still being carried out till today, why? I don’t know).

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The sad thing about this practice above is that in Africa today, there are people who are so brainwashed that rather than answer to the traditional name given to them, names that recorded who they were and where they were from, they’ve chosen to answer only to their English names. Thereby abandoning something so precious, something linking them to their land. disconnecting themselves from a heritage and history that dated back much further than that of their colonizers.

3. What Food Do You Eat

What food do you prefer eating? How do you eat it?
Presently, there are Africans who only eat foreign delicacies because they think their very own indigenous delicacies are far too inferior, too local for them… and there are some who although consume their local delicacies, cant do so without insulting their heritage.. this are the ones (the mental slaves) that eat fufu, garri with spoon and fork…

Mental slavery

.4. What God Do You Pray To?

The Christian pope, Nicholas V sanctioned the enslavement and Christianization of Black people. In the process, African’s were forced to abandon their own Religions, concept of god and basically their spiritual systems and to adopt the European God.

Today many of the fears and negative feelings we have towards the spiritual systems of our ancestors are a direct result of the anti-African ideology that was taught and harshly enforced on our fathers.

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One of the most egregious acts committed by the white supremacist system of religious thought was the formation of the image of a white man as the ‘son’ of God. This white male image, which is referred to as Christ and worshipped by many Black people around the world today, helps to foster a belief that implies that the. white man is perfect, good, supreme and the only source of blessings.

5. What Kind of Clothes Do You Wear?

Fashion has always played an important role in our African culture. The styles and patterns of our clothing often held spiritual and mythical significance.

In addition, some of the most beautiful garments in the world were crafted by the hands of African weavers.

Africans have held on to their instinct for elaborate fashion, but for many of us traditional African clothing is as strange and undesirable as Europeans perceived it hundreds of years ago. Instead, we are loyal to clothing brands originating from outside our local communities…

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