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5 Reasons You Should Not Marry A Woman Who Loves Money Too Much

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Friendly advice to men out there…., If you meet a woman who’s more interested in loving you than what you can offer financially or materially, hold her tight. Otherwise flee. Below are five reasons why you should.

5 Reasons You Should Not Marry A Woman Who Loves Money

1. They are Insatiable

5 Reasons You Should Not Marry A Woman Who Loves Money

You can never satisfy a woman who loves money. No matter the amount she has or the amount you give to her, her satisfaction can never be met. Save yourself the trouble.

2. Her Insatiability Will Make Her cheat

There is a cause and effect relationship between a woman who loves money and tendency to cheat. A woman who loves money will follow the highest bidder. It is money that controls such women as they are all about the money.

3. She Will Put Unnecessary Pressure On You

If you go with a money-loving woman, just know that you will forever live in an unending web of pressure. The desire to meet her demands from time to time is a never ending cycle.

4. She Will Limit Your Growth

A money loving woman will stunt your progress. Because of your desire to please her desires, you will run into a debt if proper care is not taken. Instead of you to work on things that will bring progress, you will spend all you have on her fruitless cravings.

5 Finally, When the Going Gets Tough She Will Abscond

And if you are with a money loving woman and things are no more rosy, expect her to fly away into thin air and leave you in your predicament

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