5 Reasons Why Bride Price is an Important Part of African Marriages

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The Bride price is a symbolic payment made by the about to be husband to the bride’s family, It is also paid in different form in relation to cultural demands. e.g cattles are means of paying bride prices in Kenya.. Food items, clothes and or cash is also accepted depending on the culture and payment is usually accompanied by a ceremony.

In a typical African Society, a marriage is considered invalid if the bride price has not been paid, In some African culture the children from sich union do not belong to the husband’s family, but rather to the woman’s, as he never paid the bride price, and thus has no right over them.

5 Reasons Why Bride Price is an Important Part of African Marriages

Aside from the fact that the bride price is usually a way of thanking the bride’s parents for bringing up their child.
Below are 5 more Reasons Why Bride Price is an Important Part of African Marriages

1. It is an African custom

Traditionally speaking, the payment of bride price in Africa is a practice that is as old as time itself. It is a practice which has long been accepted by clan heads, chiefs and traditional rulers alike. The amount to be paid is fixed in some community while in others it isn’t and may vary sparingly depending on individual families.

5 Reasons Why Bride Price is an Important Part of African Marriages

2. It shows the man is capable

It is generally assumed the payment of the bride price is a sign of the capability of the man who is coming for the hand of the lady. The payment of this important item during traditional marriage ceremonies is a serious test of the man’s financial capability and strength.

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5 Reasons Why Bride Price is an Important Part of African Marriages

3. Dividend of parents effort on their daughter

Parents of the girl whose bride price is to be paid by the man, believe that they are reaping the dividend of the time, money and labour spent in training and taking care of their daughter from infancy to adulthood.

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4. It gives the lady a sense of value

When a girl attains the age of maturity and eventually gets set for marriage, her sense of value is tremendously increased with the payment of bride price. Her pride is boosted with the payment, as she is assumed not to be cheap.

5. It is an indication that the man is serious about marriage

When a man proposes to a lady and equally informs the parents of the lady, it is assumed to be mere information until the man takes the bold step by formally paying the bride price. Until that singular item is done, it is assumed the man is not serious.

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