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Black Panther Is The ‘Most Tweeted-About Movie Of All Time’ – Twitter

Social media giants, Twitter, have confirmed that the Africa-themed Superhero movie, Black Panther, is the most Tweeted-about movie of all time.

Black Panther Is The ‘Most Tweeted-About Movie Of All Time

According to Twitter in a post on Tuesday, March 20, 2018; Black Panther had grossed 35 million tweets, suggesting that ‘fans can’t get enough of Wakanda.’

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In a breakdown of how the 35 million tweets resulted, Twitter disclosed the most Tweeted-about emojis, characters and hashtags relating to the movie.
The most Tweeted-about were the fire, love (black) and the crown symbols.

The most Tweeted-about characters were: #BlackPanther #Killmonger and #Shuri.

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Twitter further disclosed the top-Tweeted movies of the year 2018. With Black Panther sitting pretty at the top, Star Wars #TheLastJedi and Avengers #InfinityWar follow in that order.

Aside from been the most tweeted about movie of all time, the movie ‘black panther’ is also the First “All Black Cast” Movie To Cross $1 Billion Mark At Global Box Office

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