Top 10 Youngest Presidents In Africa (Updated)

Here is a brief overview of the Top 10 Youngest Serving Presidents (and kings) in Africa as of 2018.

Top 10 Youngest Presidents in Africa (Updated)

Top 10 Youngest Presidents in Africa

1. Joseph Kabila, D.R. Congo (Age: 46)

Joseph Kabila has been the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo since January 2001. He assumed the Office of the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo 10 days after the assassination of his father, President Laurent-Desire Kabila. Becoming the world’s youngest at the age of 29. He was elected as the president in 2006, and was re-elected in 2011.

He is currently the youngest president in Africa.

2. Mswati III, Swaziland (Age: 49)

Mswati III is the King of Swaziland, a crown he inherited from his father Sobhuza II,. He is the head of the Swazi Royal Family.. He was introduced as the crown prince in 1983 and was crowned on April 25 1986, at the age of 18.

3. Faure Gnassingbe, Togo (Age: 51)

Faure Gnassingbe has been the President of Togo since May 4 2005. He was appointed to the government by his father Gnassingbe Eyadema before he passed away on February 5 2005.

4. Pierre Nkurunziza, Burundi (Age: 54)

Pierre Nkurunziza has been the President of Burundi since 2005.

5. George Weah, Liberia (Age: 51)

After defeating Vice President Joseph Boaka in the 2017 election, George Weah (Former professional footballer) became the President elect of Liberia. Making him the fifth youngest president in Africa.

6. Adama Barrow, Gambia (Age: 52)

Adama Barrow is the third and current President of the Gambia., He was sworn into office in 2017 after he defeated Yahya Jammeh in a free and fair election.

7. Macky Sall, Senegal (Age: 56)

Macky Sall has been the President of Senegal since April 2012.

8. Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenya (Age: 56)

Uhuru Kenyatta has been the President of Kenya since April 9 2013. He is the fourth president of Kenya. His father Jomo Kenyatta was Kenya’s first president. He is also the eight youngest president in Africa.

9. Ali Bongo Ondimba, Gabon (Age: 58)

Ali Bongo Ondimba has been the President of Gabon since October 2009. Before him, His father Omar Bongo was the President of Gabon from 1967 to 2009, when he died.

10. Ameenah Gurib, Mauritius (Age: 58)

Ameenah Gurib is a Mauritian biodiversity scientist and politician serving as President of Mauritius since 2015.

Gurib-Fakim is the first woman to be elected President of Mauritius.

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