Top 10 Countries With The Lowest Life Expectancy In Africa 2017

The World Economic Forum has released data showing which countries have the highest and lowest life expectancies in the world.

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Those in the last 10 – out of 137 countries worldwide – are all in Africa.

Swaziland tops the list of countries with the lowest life expectancy in Africa with an average life expectancy of 48.9, followed by Lesotho (50 years) and Sierra Leone (51.3).

Also Nigeria Despite being Africa’s largest economy, have health records that compare unfavourably with war-torn countries in Africa. The country was placed further down the ranks in the world, ranked 133 in the world with an average expectancy of 53 years.

” Nigeria has the fifth lowest life expectancy in Africa”.

Keep reading for the 10 countries in Africa with the lowest life expectancies:

Country Rank In Africa Life Expectancy
Swaziland 1 48.9
Lesotho 2 50
Siera leone 3 51.3
Chad 4 51.9
Nigeria 5 53.0
Mozambique 6 55.4
Cameroun 7 55.9
Burundi 8 57.1
South Africa 9 57.4
Mali 10 58.5
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