Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries In Africa 2018

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  1. George says:

    Hi Anele,

    South Africa more dangerous than Nigeria, Kenya and Somalia? Doubtful.

    I wouldn’t recommend Numbeo, the fact that South Africa is 2nd when it’s well inside the safer half of African countries confirms that. The website has a lot of political behavior on it. To these eyes, it looks like apartheid-era sympathizers are deliberately bloating South Africa’s insecurity ranking. I noticed it, well, straightaway! Both on the country and city indexes. It’s glaring.

    South Africa is typically ranked 3/5 by regulated security firm data which have obligations to give out accurate information. So this is hardly the 5/5 portrayed by Numbeo, which South Africa’s 3rd place (I think) in the entire world would suggest. The country isn’t top 50, much less top 3.

    Not sure if you’ve heard of them but try looking up International SOS or iJET, the difference in South Africa’s rank between those (reliable) and Numbeo’s (unreliable) is eye-popping.

  2. Anele says:

    Thanks for your observations. I’m going to look into International SOS and iJET.

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