Did you Know That Chewing Gum Originated from Mexico?

We so love Chewing gums, We love to chew, blow, pop it in our mouths etc but not everyone knows the history. For one do you know that chewing gum actually originated from mexico? I bet you didn’t. Well it did, but it was made popular by America.

Chewing gum


Well, Chewing gum/chicle originated in Mexico from the sapodile tree. A tree that spews a somewhat coagulated milky juice when the bark is cut.

The whole process completes after the milky juice seeping from the tree mixes with bits of dirts and barks and eventually turns into brown… That’s how the natural gum was/is formed. The Mexicans consumed it at its natural state.

The commercialization of chewing gum

History of chewing gum

Image source: Wikipedia

Thomas Adams aka chewing gum maker conceived the idea of commercializing the chicle while he was working as a secretary to former Mexican leader Antonio López de Santa Anna (it happened to be that Santa Anna was a lover of the chicle).

He first tried to formulate the gum into a rubber suitable for tires. But when that didn’t work he made the chicle into a chewing gum called Chiclets.

By 1890 the natural gum was being imported into the United States in large amounts to make confectionary (sweet) chewing gum to meet the demands. And before long America began to export their chewing gum to other countries.

And that, is a short history of your most cherished chewing gum.

Sources: Wikipedia | Britannica

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