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7 Extraordinary Pictures of Africa From Outer Space (Released by NASA)

Rare and extraordinary pictures of Africa from outer space… pictures you probably have never seen before aa released by NASA.

1. St. Anthony Monastery, Egypt

St Anthony monastery

This image of the world’s oldest Christian monastery was taken in 2010. Photo: NASA.

2. Lake Afrera, Ethiopia

Lake afrera

This image of Lake Afrera in the Danakil, northern Ethiopia, was taken in 2014. Photo: NASA.

3. Tibesti Mountains, Chad

Tubesti mountain

This image of Tibesti Mountains in Chad was taken in 1997. Photo: NASA.

4. Tifernine dunes in Algeria

Tifernine dunes Algeria

Photo was captured in 1995. Photo: NASA.

5. City of Djibouti,Djibouti

Extraordinary Pictures of Africa From Space

This view of the capital city of Djibouti was taken in 2000 by the International Space Station. Photo: NASA.

6. The Great Egyptian Pyramids of Giza

Extraordinary Pictures of Africa from space

Like others on this list, this was also taken from space and the International Space Station. It was captured on 10 June 2015. Credit: NASA/Terry Virts/@AstroTerry

7. Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro viewed from space

Picture By Sémhur (Landsat7 satellite, from Landsat program, NASA.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

8. Nigeria

 Nigeria viewed from outside space
This image from Expedition 16 aboard the International Space Station shows pan-isolated cumulonimbus clouds over Nigeria. Image credit: NASA

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