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Where You Sit In Class And What It Says About Your Personality

Like almost everything we do, where we choose to sit in class or in a room where there are numerous seats says a lot about  us. So do you want to know what your sitting choice says about you? Read on

Sitting arrangements in class

1. In the front row

People who choose to sit in the front find it easier to maintain eye contact than those who sits at the back. What this says about them is that they are confident and not afraid of speaking up.

Also you like to be noticed by people…

2. In the Middle

You sit at the middle row because you are most comfortable when you are surrounded by people.
You also don’t like being the first in anything but at the same time you don’t like being the last You just prefer being on the fence because to you its the safest place…

3. In the back row

You are an extrovert so you sit at the back because its the only place you can talk without being noticed by your lecturer.

You are also nervous about speaking up in class mainly because you are lacking in the department of confidence…

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