5 Worst Things About Being the Eldest Child in A Nigerian Home

Though Growing up as the eldest child in a Nigerian family has it perks, it also has its disadvantages. Here are 6 worst things about being the eldest child in a Nigerian home.

1. Getting blamed for everything

Nigerian home
In a typical Nigerian home, when something happens in the house, the eldest child is always blamed, even if he/she didn’t do it -Thats when you will hear parents say things like ‘if you were watching him it wouldnt have happened”.

2. Having to take care of your younger siblings

Some parents turn the first born child into a full nanny at home. When they go out (and sometimes even when they are around) they always put him in charge of the younger ones.
Some parents even engage in family planning just so they can take advantage of this number two.

3. Always expected to make the right decisions

First borns are humans, they must make mistakes at some point. But Nigerian parents don’t want to know, as a first born you are expected to always make the right decisions, always. When they f-up, they get flogged.

4. Being treated differently than your other siblings

​I know I’m the first born, but I still need your love, I still like ice cream Etc

5. Being expected to be a good role model

I know the younger ones need someone they can look up to, a role model. But as the eldest child i have also got my own life to live, my own mistakes to make, and my own life experiences to garner. Expecting us to be good role models limit  us in some certain ways which frankly I don’t think is healthy.

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