15 Jobs That Wouldn’t Exist If Nigerian’s Were Responsible

It sounds kind of funny, but a large percent of the Jobs in not only Nigeria but the world in general was created because we are quite cruel as humans. 

Without wasting much of our time, it is probably worth pointing out that if we weren’t so ill behaved towards eachother  there wouldn’t really be any need for many of the jobs out there. Here are 15 Jobs That Wouldn’t Exist If Nigerian’s Were Responsible

1. Police Officers

Nigerian police brutality

Image source: nigerianmonitor

NO CRIME is directly proportional to NO POLICE
If only we all were decent Nigerians.

2. Lawyers

If only we all behaved ourselves, the likes of femi falana won’t have a career to begin with.

3. Online Moderators

Because people are even worse when they’re anonymous.

4. Street cleaners

Littering the streets of Nigeria

Image source: Theeagleonline

They exist because people like you won’t stop littering the streets of Nigeria.

5. Traffic warden

There will be chaos on the streets of lagos without this guys.

6. Efcc officials

People won’t stop stealing public funds, that’s why Efcc (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission) was created in 2003.

7. Bodyguards

Because people wouldn’t try to steal from you.

8. Security guards

There will be absolutely no need for one.

9. Information marketer

I’m yet to see anyone who made $100,000 the first year after patronizing an information marketer..

10. Airport security

This people exist so they can checkmate those of you that like sneaking illegal items into aircrafts.

11. Prison warder

If people were decent to one another there will be absolutely no need for this job, because there wouldn’t be bad guys to put in prisons

12. Nafdac officials

People won’t stop endangering the lives of others by producing fake drugs.

13. Store security

Shoprite security

Image source: standard.co.uk

They’re the guys that stand at the exit and “check” your receipt to make sure you didn’t steal anything, you’ll find them mostly in shoprite.

14. IDP workers

Mans inhumanity to man brought about the existence of this job.

15. IDP taskforce

Also known as Independent Taskforce on Monitoring of Feeding of IDPs (ITMFI) some IDP workers ssteal foodstuff meant for refugeed, thats why this job exists, to checkmate them.

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