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7 Significance And Uses Of The African Waist Beads

The African waist beads when worn properly are beautiful things but the problem is that they were very popular a couple of generations earlier, but these days, only a few people maintain the culture of adorning these beautiful beads on their waist on a daily basis, this is partly due to the fact that they don’t know its significance and uses. With this said, below are 7 significance and uses of the african waist beads.


1. As A Symbol Of Feminity and Sensuality

Typically, only the partner a woman chooses would have the honor of seeing them fully.

2. To attract suitors

Waist beads is also seen as a sign that a woman have reached marriageable age and can now have suitors.

3. As a weight measure

Since waist beads don’t stretch, like clothes do, they simply roll up the waist until they find a place to sit comfortably.when gaining weight, the belt of the beads climb up and when you loose weight, it falls elegantly on the hips so typically waist beads are a simple method of monitoring weight without the aid scales.


4. Healing

Some Waist beads are used for healing or rejuvenation purposes; depending on the ailment or what needs to be enhanced, various semi-precious stones are also included in the design of the waist beads.

5. Beautification

Some of the women< who adorn waist beads in this day and age, use it more for ornamental and beautification reasons. #waist-beads

6. Hip accentuation

To accentuate the hips and waist line of a baby as she grows old, Beads are Worn on them during naming ceremonies.

7. Fetish purposes

In this scenario, various concoctions would be included in the design of the waist beads so when someone have intercourse with the wearer of the bead, they will keep coming back for more. Its used mostly by prostitutes.



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