12 Things the 2017 Alexa Traffic Ranking Says About Nigerians

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Based off the Alexa ranking for the top 50 most visited websites in Nigeria 2017, we decided to do a post on the 12 Things the 2017 Alexa Traffic Ranking Says About Nigerians.

Some of these facts are amazing and some are disgusting.

#Note Before we get into the facts, please bear in mind that the rankings used are current as at the time of publication.

12 Things the 2017 Alexa Traffic Ranking Says About Nigerians:

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1. We Are Always Hungry For Knowledge

With search engines like,,, and ranking high amongst the top 50 websites in Nigeria we can say that Nigerians are very eager to learn.

2. We Love To Mingle

Nigerians have a thing for socialising. Both offline and online, that is while Are among the top 10 most visited site in Nigeria. Asides these two, other social sites like,, all made the top 50.

So, considering this ranking, it would be fair to say that Nigerians are social creatures.

3. We Love To Be in The Know

Call it anything you want — be it news, gist, the latest, or anything at all — the fact remains that Nigerians love to be informed.

Little wonder sites like (7) (10) vanguard.Com (11) (15), (35) (44) are among the top 50.

4: We Are Finally Embracing Online Shopping

If you doubt this, how do we explain these sites ranking in Nigeria,, and Konga(18)

5. Many Nigerian Youths are jobless (43), In a bid to harness Nigeria’s young demography through appropriate skill development Nigeria’s government brought about Npower and already the rank has already risen to 43 which goes go show that a majority of Nigerian youths are without jobs.

Unemployment has always been a very challenging problem facing Nigerian youth, and sadly, there is no hope that this would drop any time soon.

6. Nigerians Are Embracing The Digital Age Fast!

The Alexa ranking reflects the zeal of Nigerians in getting acquainted with the digital age. This is because sites like Trackingclick.Net (30) interswitch.Ng (31) (45) (28) (29) deloton.Com (70), (46)… Blogger.Com (49) (48) all made the top 50 most visited sites in Nigeria for the year 2017.

With thousands of websites sprouting on a daily basis, this is indeed huge, and in fact a big deal for the Nigerian tech industry. It proves that Nigeria is about to completely surrender to the digital age.

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7. We Love Betting

No one can explain where or when it began, but online sports gambling is now a norm for Nigerians.

Let’s begin with the most familiar — sports betting sites and their rank in Nigeria.,,

One thing online betting has made evident is getting ‘quick-money’ from a lucky slip is just by chance., but will Nigerians learn..

8. We Love Movies

We do not need the Alexa ranking to know that we are fully guilty of this fact. Our crave for movies can not be matched. Nigerian cinemas can attest to this and Alexa’s ranking helps to verify it.

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Our love for movies contributes to why sites like is ranked (19)

Whether this is good or bad, what we know is that our love for movies has earned Nigeria the position as the second largest producer of movies in the world.

9. We Love Football

Ordinarily, without the Alexa ranking, it is a known fact that Nigerians can almost kill for the love of their favorite sports clubs.

So the ranking of, among the top 50 most visited sites in Nigeria is like an authentication of Nigerians’ love for football.

10. We Love Our Own Music

In Nigeria, one cannot talk about entertainment and leave out music.

Infact, Nigerian songs do not only woo fans within their locale but also earn accolades beyond the shores of the country. Seeing music sites such as,, among the top most visited sites in Nigeria shows that we love our own thing.

11. Nigerians Love Porn

Considering the fact that Nigeria is quite a religious country, this came as a shock to me. I mean what is a porn site like doing in the top 50 most visited sites visited in Nigeria?— Ranked at 22 the site even ranks higher than Npower and

Could this be the handiwork of foreigners residing in our country??

12. Our Favourite Browser is Mozilla

Considering the fact that is the only browser that made it into the top 50 sites in Nigeria (47) i think we can all agree that the Mozilla browser is the most popular web browser in Nigeria.

Uzonna Anele
Anele is a web developer and a Pan-Africanist who believes bad leadership is the only thing keeping Africa from taking its rightful place in the modern world.


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